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“I must start with ‘WOW!’ This beautiful, soulful, and wonder-filled book is written with such down to earth candor, humor, and authenticity. I laughed and cried out loud in recognition of the beauty and holy design of life so synergistically depicted for the readers. What a beautiful and uplifting tool for life.”
    Jayne Atkinson, Tony Award nominee for the Broadway shows, The Rainmaker and Enchanted April

"For years I attended Rev. Billy Hester's church in Savannah, Georgia. When I moved back to New York City, I continued listening to his sermons on the Asbury Memorial website and found myself frequently sharing them with friends and colleagues in both my Christian and Jewish communities. I am so pleased that I can now give them this book of ‘Wow moments’ which exemplifies Reverend Billy's ministry, passion, faith, and wisdom!"
    Rev. Eleanor Harrison Bregman, Director of Multi-Faith Initiatives, Romemu Synagogue, New York City

"As someone who has experienced first-hand the immense pain of losing too many loved ones, of a career which has caused me to experience more ups and downs than I care to count, I will admit to asking these questions: 'Is God really there? Is He watching with care, and is He truly on my side?' Billy Hester's book is an encouragement for all to take a hard look back at their lives and see the wonder of God's work within them. They may undoubtedly find such moments and feel relief that He truly is there. That if one keeps one's eyes, ears, and heart open, they will experience the wonder of His work behind the scenes and may be able to carry on with gratitude and a genuine light heart, eventually learning and living with confidence to let go, let God, and say, 'WOW!’"
    Robert Cuccioli, Tony Award nominee for the Broadway musical, Jekyll and Hyde

“This little volume contains remarkable stories drawn from the intersection of Billy Hester's long and creative career as both a New York performer and a local parish minister.  Some of them will strike you as pleasantly coincidental while others are nothing less than chilling and miraculous.  If you are facing one of life's challenges or tempted to think that you are alone in the universe, read this book.”
    Rev. Dr. John M. Finley, Senior Minister, First Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia

“In a world filled with personal apprehension, anxiety, and even tragedy, we are privileged to have people like Billy Hester in our lives. He helps us recognize the Wow moments we’ve all experienced. It is these instances, where all the stars align in our lives, when the fates turn in our favor, that we understand the wondrous nature of the world. We are so blessed in so many ways, and it is people like Billy Hester who help us focus our attention on all of these blessings.”
    Rabbi Robert Haas, Congregation Mickve Israel, Savannah, Georgia

“In sharing the joyful stories of ‘grace, wonder, and synchronicity’ from his life, Rev. Billy has written a book which both entertains and surprises. More importantly though, through his lifelong practice of paying attention, he gently teaches us to capture the fleeting ‘wow!’ moments in our own lives, so that they might spark a little more daily faith and wake us up in times when God feels too much absent. This collection is filled with the same generosity and grace that animates Billy’s ministry and is a great addition to the spiritual bookshelf!”
    Rev. David H. Messner, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church, Savannah, Georgia